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Imore Paper Consulting is a leading information solutions supplier which focuses on reporting and consulting for Chinese paper market, which was found in 2005 and the most historical market intelligence for Chinese paper market. All of the industry analysts of iMore occupied more than 10 years industry experiences and education background of master above, the professional human capital have kept improving iMore’s service quality and market reputation during the past years.

Based on a 14+ years successful industry experiences and leading operation system, through the long-term tracking and observation for paper market, iMore paper professionals collect paper market information directly and independently, analyze and report paper market neutrally and objectively, and supply reliable weekly reports and customized consulting service to the producers, traders, end users and the whole industry through new media platform, paper media and conferences. Currently, iMore Paper have be pleasure to serve for most leading market organizations such as UPM, Ilim, Fibria, Brian McClay, Metsa, Nine Dragons, Lee&Man, Shanying, etc. Imore paper will abide by professional tradition and neutral principle to be your reliable decision-making brainpower through helping clients grasp opportunities and avoid the risk. 


iMore Paper Industry Total Solutions

Imore Paper supplies reliable price reference through deeply Chinese market understanding from our professional and precise methodology. Currently, for international market, we supplied Chinese Pulp & Downstream Market Weekly Report, Chinese Recovered Paper & Packing Paper Markets Weekly Report, and Chinese Paper Market Annual Reports for English edition, and customized consulting service as well.

Please email to Mr. Zhang via Sunny.Zhang@iMore-China.Com to apply a free trial for iMore weekly reports!

Reports Highlights:

1. Price RMB

Domestic Price: Market assessment price in different domestic regions, such as the price of pulp, waste paper, offset paper, art paper,corrugated box board, white board and ivory board in South China,North China or East China.

Factory Price: Factory price from the main producers in the industry.

2. Price US Dollar:

CFR China: Assessment US Dollar price in Chinese import market.

3. Market News and Information:

Domestic Plant Trend: Plant construction, expansion and shutdown ofmain producers.

Supply & Demand: A comprehensive market report of S&D, import data and downstream demand.

Margin Analysis: Monthly margin analysis for pulp traders.

Import Market Report:Weekly and monthly report for raw materials in import market.

4. Database:

China: A 10-years database includes price, capacity, outputs etc.